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Altum’s Mulch


Altum’s Mulch

Altum’s Mulch

Why Mulch Matters

A thick layer of mulch not only looks nice, itʼs your best, most natural defense in keeping soil cool, water in, and weeds out. It keeps your soil healthy! When it comes to moisture, even a thin layer of mulch will prevent evaporation and a thick layer may even reduce water use by up to 50%, a valuable proposition in the heat of summer.

A good rule of thumb when calculating how much mulch youʼll need:
multiply bed length x bed width = sq. footage of bed
100sq. feet = 1 yard of mulch

Too much math? Just ask your Altumʼs associate for help. Weʼre proud to offer Altumʼs high-quality Hardwood or Forest Fines mulch in 2 cubic foot bags or by the yard.

And we deliver! Just ask for details.