5 things you can do in your yard now to get ready for spring

As I type this, we’re getting a good soak outside. If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, the grass looks a little bit greener already and I can smell spring in the air. Get outside on your own if you can sneak in a few minutes or more over the next few days, and pay attention to the sights and sounds around you. The birds are calling to each other, the light looks different, the sun feels warmer and there is so much to look forward to.

I took my own advice and got outside this evening and here’s what I recommend for this weekend or upcoming week:

1. Take a walk around your yard.

See what’s happening out here. I like to go on this discovery mission with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in hand. It makes it a really peaceful, relaxing experience.

What’s breaking bud (yes!), what needs to be trimmed back, are there holes to fill, do you have something special in mind? Jot down some notes, sketch out a few areas if you’re more visual, snap a few shots of areas you might want to enhance.

2. Clean out your containers.

Get rid of old plants and make way for fresh plantings. Give containers a good clean by washing with warm, soapy water. Add fresh potting soil before replanting. This is a really important step that some people skip, thinking soil is soil. But old soil confined to a pot can be robbed of valuable nutrients, packed tightly and filled with other debris. Trust us, fresh soil is worth the extra step.

3. Pick up some spring color.

Stop in or order pansies online, pre-order pre-planted Grab & Go porch pots, Lettuce Bowl Planters and Hellebores online to drop right into your containers in a week or two.

4. Do some spring cleaning.

Rake and remove old leaves, prune broken or dead branches, cut down perennial grasses, and prune summer flowering perennials. Don’t know what to prune and when to do it? See our pruning guide for details.

5. Get your beds made.

After you clean things up a bit, add Elements organic fertilizer or 12-12-12 to all plants (see package directions). Weed stopper with Dimension is a total time-saver, too. Then add a 2-3” layer of hardwood mulch to existing beds. Aside from the fact that it looks fresh and fantastic, mulch is your best, most natural defense in keeping soil cool, moisture in and weeds out.

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  1. Ben Woodard says:

    I think you were listed as a distributor for Seed Savers Exchange. Looking for kale, cabbage, and turnip seeds. Anything left? Would also be interested in any other garden seed you might have.

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