We’ve loved plants and plant people for 60 years now and we’re feeling grateful for being able to spend those 60 years doing what we love.

Here’s a list of 60 reasons why local garden centers are better!

Reason #1
Local people own them.

Reason #2
Local people care about their neighbors.

Reason #3
Most employees have horticulture or related degrees, are certified by local and state garden associations and actually have knowledge and experience to share.

Reason #4
Independent garden centers focus on growing and carrying plants that do well in Central Indiana.

Reason #5
We’re experts at caring for plants before you take them home. Which means they’re healthier when they come home with you.

Reason #6
We pick and choose the best, healthiest plants. Not a semi truckload.

Reason #7
They’re often family businesses (like Altum’s). And who doesn’t like to support a family business?

Reason #8
Family businesses raise generations of plant people who live, breathe and love everything about plants.

Reason #9
Our house cats are open to cuddles.

Reason #10
Our houseplants are open to cuddles, too. We get pretty attached.

Reason #11
You can bring samples or photos of ailing plants and we’ll help you diagnose the problem, at no charge, of course.

Reason #12
You can park near the door.

Reason #13
We don’t try to be good at appliances, lumber, ceiling fans and closet organizers. Just plants. So we can be even better at plants.

Reason #14
We carry plant varieties you won’t find anywhere else. And we know how to pronounce them (don’t worry, you don’t need to), when and where to plant them and how to care for them.

Reason #15
We only carry plant care products that work. The same ones we use in our own yards, gardens and pots.

Reason #16
We make some of our own soil amendment and mulches, so we can guarantee their quality.

Reason #17
We can tell you why natural hardwood mulch is better for your plants AND your soil and why that matters.

Reason #18
You can order your mulch online and have it delivered.

Reason #19
In fact, you can order many of our trees, perennials, planting products, porch pots, houseplants and annuals online.

Reason #20
We offer in-store (even curbside!) pick-up and local home hand-delivery services.

Reason #21
We also offer delivery and planting services on our trees, shrubs and other perennials.

Reason #22
You get an unprecedented 3-year full-replacement guarantee when we plant for you.

Reason #23
Our designers schedule Snapshot Houseplant and Landscape Gardening appointments. Snap photos of a spot in your home or landscape that needs some help (or a little extra life) and we’ll recommend the right plants for each space.

Reason #24
We don’t just sell you pretty plants. We help you choose the right plants for the right places so you’ll have the best results and experience.

Reason #25
We offer free informational workshops (like Pruning 101 and A Guide to Planting) and Make & Take Workshops that walk you through the creation of a DIY project that goes home with you.

Reason #26
A pot of coffee. Always.

Reason #27
Special events, like Yoga in the Garden, seasonal workshops, kid’s workshops and meeting space for your group.

Reason #28
It’s quiet.

Reason #29
No one will look at you weird if you wander. Or talk to yourself. We do it all the time.

Reason #30
It’s a great place to shut out the world. If only for a while.

Reason #31
It doesn’t smell like lumber. It smells like flowers.

Reason #32
We have loads of ideas we’ve tried and would love to share.

Reason #33
Succulents. That aren’t dying. In fact, they’re busy being fabulous with other succulents.

Reason #34
Houseplants. Big ones. Tiny ones. Trendy ones. Ones for every room and area. Most importantly, healthy ones.

Reason #35
Containers that don’t look like everyone else’s.

Reason #36
Flower varieties and combinations that don’t look like everyone else’s.

Reason #37
Grab & Go Porch Pots that are freshly planted seasonal combinations you can drop right into your containers.

Reason #38
Custom Porch Pots that are all about you and your favorite colors and plants, sun or shade and as big or as small as you like.

Reason #39
Porch Pot Subscriptions that deliver seasonal combinations for your containers two times a year. You make one decision and have beautiful containers in spring/summer and fall/winter.

Reason #40
Plenty of pretty results without ever getting your hands dirty.

Reason #41
Hanging baskets that are extra large, full and fantastic. No scraggly, skimpy, limp or leggy baskets allowed.

Reason #42
Shop by color. Even when you don’t know the name of a plant you like. Especially then.

Reason #43
Shop for plants that love shade. A whole section of shady characters.

Reason #44
Shop for plants that are blooming right now.

Reason #45
Shop for rebloomers, plants that do particularly well in Indiana’s clay soil, deer and pest resistant varieties and more.

Reason #46
Bigger isn’t always better. Our shop and assortment is about quality over quantity.

Reason #47
You never liked to follow the crowd. Because, why?

Reason #48
Our potting bench. Do your thing and we’ll clean up the mess.

Reason #49
Soil by the scoop.

Reason #50

Reason #51
Fairy Gardens.

Reason #52
Click to Car. Order online. Pay online. Call us when you’re close and we’ll run your goodies out to your car. Perfect when you’re in a hurry, have a toddler sleeping in the back seat or just because.

Reason #53
Online How-to Guides.

Reason #54
Online Guide to most common plant problems and how to solve them.

Reason #55
The Drop-Your-Pots Recycle Zone. Drop your empty black plastic pots–one of the biggest sources of waste in the green industry–in The Zone and we’ll recycle them through a partnership with Indianapolis Recycled Fiber.

Reason #56
In 2017, we recycled more than 4960 pounds of plastic nursery pots.

Reason #57
We’ll gladly help you carry your plants and purchases to your car.

Reason #58
You can find virtually any tree or shrub you’re looking for any time of the year, any time of the day.

Reason #59
You don’t just buy trees and shrubs that are in the garden center because they’re here. You buy exactly what you’re looking for and we can deliver and plant it for you.

Reason #60
We love and live plants. And we love and live for plant people. You are the most important part of what we do and why we do it.

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