Reinventing the traditional garden center and making sure you have everything you need in the meantime

March 1, 2022
By Dana Altum


Seasons change and so do we. And in the words of the effusive Taylor Swift, “I think my favorite thing about seasons changing is the opportunity to look different.” Late last summer, we made a change to how things looked at Altum’s. We moved from the spot where Altum’s grew for 25 years to our new home just six miles north on Michigan Road.

Our Open-Air Market at Finley Creek was a new beginning for us. But most importantly, it was a chance for us to focus on doing things differently and better, for you.

We embraced the laidback countryside vibe in our new open-air market for the fall and holidays, and we’re tweaking services like online pre-orders, curbside pick-ups, deliveries and at-home style and planting consults because you said you liked them.


Filled with Favorites

We’re planning with purpose and for quality over quantity. Which means as we evolve and build things out, we are going to curate a collection of your favorite things. Things you can’t get just anywhere, like gorgeous flower varieties that are well-cared-for and ready to thrive in your Indiana yard, lightweight containers that stand up to the elements and are anything but big-box, designer-planted porch pots ready to drop into your containers and the coolest seasonal items for planting and decorating your porch and patio.

We’re also going to be your source for the right trees and shrubs for your spaces, not just the ones that are in inventory. We have relationships with local and best-in-class growers who find the best version of what you’re looking for and ship to us quickly.

We are still working with the city on permitting and approvals for our build-out plans. For now, we are bringing in everything you’d expect (and more) at this road stand-style outdoor space. That means we’ll have to wait on many of the indoor houseplants for now, but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s really peaceful and pretty out here, and the designers are outdoing themselves with porch pots for early spring. They’ll be stuffed with spring sweethearts like hellebores, ranunculus, pansies, pussywillow stems and so much more. And we can show you how to plant your own!

Altum’s sees the future of the garden center as a showroom and shop where a sometimes-overwhelming assortment of plants becomes a showroom of possibilities.

This is all about the plants and the way they make everything better for us. They really do. A tree-lined street is more beautiful and part of what makes a neighborhood feel welcoming and fetch higher home values. The right trees and shrubs give us privacy from passersby and neighbors, buffer noise, pollution, the hottest afternoon sun and the iciest winter winds. Plants conceal utility boxes and foundations and keep soil from eroding. They provide food and shelter for wildlife. They can flower, be fragrant, fill large and small spaces, even lift our moods. They are kind of magical. But only when you choose the right plants for the right places.


The Future Looks Pretty and Personal

We’re not just going to tell you all of the things you can do with plants, we’ll show you. We are working on ideas to plant up cutting gardens, spaces that show snippets of what can be problem spots or challenges in people’s yards with planting solutions and offer plant and flower pairings that play on color, texture, shape and more.

There will be no guessing. You won’t just pick a pretty plant and hope for the best. We’ll help you layer your landscape, plant for the space (e.g. sunny, soggy, shady, small, etc.) and plant to love your spaces now and over time.

We envision a countryside retreat from chaos, centered on the beautiful things in life. We’re still in the planning stages with the city, and fine-tuning the details, but we know what’s important and aspire to a new kind of lifestyle experience.


The Spring Open-Air Market is Coming Soon UPDATE: we’re open 7 days a week and can’t wait to see you! 

For now, Altum’s is open online for pre-orders and the Altum’s Open-air Market will be ready for pick-ups and deliveries beginning March 18. In-market shopping will begin in April, dependent upon weather. We’ll keep you posted. [Update: The Spring Open Air Market is Open 7 days a week and we can’t wait to see you!] 

Altum’s at Finley Creek will be a beautiful place to be this spring. The pansy flats and bowls will be crazy-good in so many colors. And again, the porch pots are next level and ready to simply be dropped into your containers. We’re paying attention to the details, which make all the difference. And you can pre-order everything on line now!

You can find Altum’s this April at 795 US-421 (Michigan Rd). When you pass the Fire Department on your left, look right to see the Altum’s sign and entrance. We can’t wait to see our people again soon!

Have questions?

Email us, chat with us, call, hop online 24/7 to shop and find answers and get ready for the Early Spring Open-Air Market at Finley Creek.


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