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Every year after a long winter, we start craving green. You probably know what we mean. The grass is brown, the trees are brown, our porch pots and containers are still empty and the mulch is, yep, brown.

But plants make everything better. 

That’s why we decided to make this our theme and focus for spring and beyond in this year’s Spring LookBook. Because plants have a way of livening up the landscape and lifting our spirits. Studies say that time spent around plants and in nature lowers our heart rate, our blood pressure and stress levels. They also clean the air we breathe. So there’s that.

This year’s Altum’s LookBook covers the way plants make everything better and we’re making growing them easier and more fun for you. You’ll find a section on Containers, including shortcuts to make yours look like a million bucks without getting your hands dirty.

We also bring you shopping shortcuts in store and online, like shopping by color and other in-store sections dedicated to plants for Small Spaces, Dwarf Evergreens, Shade Lovers, Rebloomers, Rabbit & Deer Resistant, Tried & True in Indiana and a spot that features What’s Blooming Now!

And we have been hard at work adding more plants and products at so you can shop in your PJs or any time of the day, no matter the weather. We’ll call you when we’ve pulled your plants and products and when you arrive, call us from the parking lot and we’ll bring everything out to your car and load it up for you. Nice, right? 

For the ultimate convenience, when you buy trees and shrubs online, you can choose delivery and planting services. Did you know that when we plant your trees and shrubs you automatically get a 3 year guarantee? Plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing you planted in the right spot, with quality materials, to give your plants a head start under the soil and as they grow and bloom.

Last, you can always hop online to order a gift card, the gift that keeps on living. The great thing is you can order and we’ll send the same day to your recipient, with a note from you. So you can wait until the last minute and still come out looking like a hero. Plus, your mom, grandmother, friend, hostess or special teacher gets to choose something they love.

This is the year to make changes. You can start small, that’s perfectly fine and it sets you up for success and inspires you to try more. Creating beauty in your little corner of the world is easier than you think. We encourage you to share it. To breathe easier, be happier and to keep growing your whole life. We’ll be here to help along the way.

See you in the garden center. Or online. And Happy Spring! 

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