How the recession had an impact on today’s Christmas trees and how we’re responding

In case you misread that headline, there is no shortage of Christmas and holiday spirit over here. Not possible. But there is a countrywide shortage of the most popular Christmas tree sizes and it may last a few years.

Here’s what this means for you: we won’t have as many 6-8ft Frasier Firs this year (and possibly for a few years to come). We’re recommending that our repeat customers reserve theirs now to be sure they get what they’re looking for.

And if you’re new to Altum’s, we’d love for you to join in the festivities! Just don’t wait too long for your tree.

A few more things that are important to know:

Trees are scheduled to arrive November 15/16. But you can call or hop online to reserve yours now.

Call 317-733-GROW (4769) or pre-order your Fraser Firs. You can specify the size you want, and can even specify other characteristics you’re looking for, like irregular/natural look, skinny/fat, etc. and we’ll set aside for you as soon as the shipment arrives.

The shortage is due to the 2008 recession and an 8-10-year growing cycle.

Tree farmers hit their stride in the 1990s and early 2000s with a booming economy, cheap land and labor, planting more trees to meet demand. And then the recession of 2008 hit. Tree farmers didn’t sell as many trees and had a lot of waste, especially in the most popular 6-8ft sizes.

The double whammy?

Tree farmers didn’t have a lot of capital to plant more trees…the ones that would be full-size right about now. The average sapling takes about 8-10 years to grow to its mature size. Which brings us to today, and our Christmas Tree shortage.

what you can do:

pre-order yours

Call 317-733-GROW (4769) or pre-order your Fraser Firs.

You can always try another size.

If you have the space, you can always try an 8-9ft or 9-10ft Fraser. Or if you’re short on space, you’ll love the 3-4ft Mini.

snatch other greens

Holiday grab & go porch pots, wreaths, garland, window box toppers, centerpieces and so much more are waiting in the wings.

There is no shortage of fresh assorted greens in wreaths, garland, designer-made Grab & Go Porch Pots (stop in the store for the best, freshest assortment, evolving all the time), DIY bundles and rustic, refined and totally unique holiday gifts, like birch trivets, kissing cones, waxed amaryllis bulbs and more. Watch for Holiday Make & Take Workshops and stop in anytime for a fresh dose of relaxed holiday spirit.

We hope to see you soon and keep it real this season, friends.



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