We’re craving more color and comfort in fall 2020. And we’re finding it a little closer to home and with a handful of our favorite people.

We’re adapting to a different world. It’s not always easy. And it takes more time and thought. Which can lead to some anxiety, truth be told. We’d be lying if we neglected to mention this. Because even though life goes on, and we’ll always make the most of it, change is hard.

Which is why we’re really embracing the routine that comes with the change of seasons. A change we look forward to every year. With it comes less brutal heat, more moisture, a healthier lawn (and lower water bill), kids back in school (for now…again, we’re adapting), more color and comfort. We’re looking forward to a little comfort food, the comfy sweaters we packed away that seem like new and the comfortable routines that we’ve redefined in 2020.

Listen, I know that planting and fall festivities don’t erase the fact that we’re living through a worldwide pandemic.

But I do know that making your porch or patio a little prettier with pumpkins and mums, or planting a few new perennials to look forward to each year are small but hopeful things, and that is saying something.

Being outside, being around nature, having our hands in the dirt or simply creating something pretty (even if your hands stay clean) is proven to make us happier, less stressed, even lower our blood pressure. I personally have felt the calm that comes from walking my garden with a cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine at the end of a long day.

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So, our fall collection this year is meant to bring color and comfort into your home and outdoor spaces. And that is something worth sharing. You can see for yourself here, including how to pre-order popular fall items to get what you’re looking for. 

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As always, we’d love to talk with you. We’re masking for our friends, so please join us in wearing yours and practicing social distancing. Call, email or chat with us online at altums.com and shop online from your couch, in the middle of the night if you like. You can also call (317)733-GROW (4769) and ask one of our plant concierges to show/tell you what’s in store, buy over the phone and pick up in store or curbside. We’ll bring everything out to your car and load with care using no-contact Curbside Pick-up.

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  1. Aubrey Aynes says:

    So excited for Fall! I’m definitely using this as a guide for my Fall planting!

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