I love how in fashion, design and gardening in particular, people are noticing and appreciating the out-of-the-ordinary among us. It’s high time we broaden our horizons and see beauty in unexpected colors, shapes, patterns and ideas.

So, it’s with that in mind that we sought out new growers and varieties over the past year or so, looking for plants that aren’t afraid to be different. And the response is overwhelming! People love these plants and can’t get enough of their quirkiness, character and charm.

Here are some of our

current favorites and why we’re smitten:


1) Hindu Rope Plant

Also called Krinkle Kurl for its compact and curled or folded leaves that drape down on long succulent vines. The leaves are glossy and tougher than they look, and the Hindu Rope is a tropical that loves it’s light and humidity. Yours will do well on the patio, porch or indoors, likes to be snug in his pot and may even bloom with clusters of waxy flowers. Everyone asks about and/or touches this plant when they see it and it’s a really attractive eye-catcher. » GET YOURS

hindu rope plant

2) String of Hearts

Also called Rosary Vine, Sweetheart Vine and Chain of Hearts. As you might have guessed, the plump little leaves are heart-shaped and they even have bright light-blue lines or veining. Plus new growth is often tinged pink (I know, sweet). The flowers are silly, whimsical little pale-magenta bulbs that normally show up when you keep yours indoors. » GET YOURS

3) Rex Begonia varieties

It’s all about the foliage here, folks and it’s pretty amazing. All you need is a shady spot, and your Rexes will show up with some serious color, contrast, shape and texture. You’ll find interesting veining in varying leaf sizes, ruffles, glowing outlines and silvery rims. Ask us what we have fresh off the truck, because it’s always changing and interesting.

4) Red Banana Tree

Also known as the Blood Banana for their striking red tinged palm-like foliage. These leaves are stunning in their size and texture and fan out boldly. We love ours in big, bold containers near a pool or decked out summer patio. They totally set the mood…in a good way.

5) Coleus

We used to call Coleus Painted Nettle when I was growing up, but either way, it’s not a plant you forget. You’ve likely seen them in borders because they’re really easy to grow and always class up the party with their naturally handsome foliage. Again, all about the foliage here, in combinations of yellow, green, pink, red, rust/maroon and more. We love ours tucked into baskets and containers.

6) Brunnera

The False Forget-Me-Not. It really does resemble the FMN, especially with its clusters of tiny, bright-blue/purplish flowers. The variegated version has striking light outlines, and both the green-leaved and variegated type make a nice ground cover.

7) Heuchera

The small, bell-shaped flowers are a nice bonus (hence: Coral Bells), and the butterflies and hummingbirds love them, but the foliage steals the show in shades of variegated green, chartreuse, yellow, peach, copper, magenta and purple. There are so many new, striking varieties and they’re easy to grow. » GET YOURS


We’re just getting started. Come find a new plant variety that catches your eye and helps you express yourself. We have so many interesting houseplants that can live in- or outdoors right now, and many plants that are perfectly at home in your landscape or containers. See you soon!

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