By Dana Altum

I’m writing this blog fast and on the fly because I can’t let another holiday season go by without sharing. I blog in my head nearly every day, but this time I’m getting it down and documented.

Get Out in Front of the Winter Freeze

Every winter I see people struggle with their porch pots because they freeze with the remnants of fall stuck inside. And I understand that we want our containers to look pretty year-round, but there’s something you can do this year that will change the way your containers look for Christmas and beyond.

Watch the weather and when you see that we’ll have more than a couple nights of below freezing weather (especially if there is moisture included in the forecast), retire your loyal fall flowers and remove about half of the soil in your container. You can just sprinkle it in your beds.

Doing this will ensure that:

1. you have room for a 10-12” drop-in fiber pot that’s pre-planted for the holidays and the long winter and/or

2. you have room to add fresh soil that you can use as a base for holding loose wintergreen branches, birch logs, berried branches, holiday stakes and more.

And you can change them up and fill them in much easier throughout the winter.


Porch Pot Plans

If you have any questions, ask any of our designers in the garden center. We have plenty of pre-planted Grab & Go Holiday Porch Pots that make winter container gardening neat and easy. We also have loose bundles of just about every fragrant type of greenery imaginable, plus natural branches and shimmery accents from our Goodie Bar especially for the DIYers.

Stop me in the garden center if you see me and tell me about your plans for your winter containers. And let us know how we can help bring your vision to life.

3 responses to “Do this now to have beautiful porch pots all winter”

  1. Jane Myers says:

    I needed a little push to get the rest of my potted plants ready for the winter!

  2. Jill says:

    I would like to see photos of winter planters that do not have a Christmas theme. Thank you

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