Shopping for trees online can be so difficult.

You may know what you’re looking for, but aren’t sure where to buy it or if it will even thrive in our Indiana soil. And that’s why Altum’s is so excited to announce our partnership with Bower & Branch, Trees for Life. 

Bower & Branch is devoted to helping homeowners make better decisions when it comes to choosing, planting and caring for their trees. And for the first time, Bower & Branch is making it possible for homeowners to find exactly what they are looking for online, along with exactly the type of services they need from their trusted local independent garden center, yours truly – Altum’s.

“This partnership makes a lot of sense. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for homeowners and this was it. This is about meeting our customers where they already research and shop and being part of providing them a tree-buying experience that hopefully exceeds their expectations.”
— Dana Altum

Altum’s partnership with Bower & Branch means you now have access to more than 200 varieties and sizes of trees, anytime. No more settling for a small selection or having to choose from the leftovers in the clearance aisle. You can find exactly what you want, when you want it. Altum’s will treat the trees and you, our valued customer, with the care and attention deserved. We offer professional delivery and planting services if you require; and we’ll even follow up to make sure your tree is growing healthy and strong.

Bower & Branch trees are grown ‘slow and low,’ mimicking nature to empower the tree to perform after it leaves the nursery, with as little work as possible once it’s safe in your yard. These trees are robust and structurally sound and come with a unique 3-Year Tree Guarantee!

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