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4 Seasons of Color Container Subscription


4 Seasons of Color Container Subscription
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4 Seasons of Color Container Subscription



A year-round container concierge service

The idea is that you’ll have fresh, beautifully planted containers all year long with little to no work. And because you make one purchase for the package, rather than throughout the year, you save.


Who is it for and how does it work?

For busy people. Stylish people. People who love to come home to something beautiful. For people who don’t like to get their hands dirty…and don’t want to feel bad about it. Subscriptions are popular because you make one decision that pays off for the rest of the year, without any additional work. It sort of feels a little like magic, really.

Here’s how it works:

  1. PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION  Or come into the store and sign up.
  2. TAKE HOME YOUR FIRST CONTAINER  Each seasonal container is designed in-house and planted in a 10-inch fiber pot, ready to drop into your container.
  3. WE’LL CALL OR EMAIL WHEN THE NEXT SEASON’S CONTAINER IS READY No post-it note, no calendar alerts, we’ll be in touch when yours is ready to pick up. You can even request our Click-to-Car service, then call when you’re in the parking lot and we’ll bring your container out to you.
  4. YOUR POTS LOOK GOOD ALL THE TIME Seasonal containers will be ready as soon as the next season’s fresh arrivals come in.

How much does it cost?

You’ll receive four (4) containers throughout the year for $227 (regularly $268 or $67/ea).


What if I need a special size?

The package is limited to the 10-inch fiber pot.  Talk with our designer for special order pricing  and we’ll be happy to accommodate.