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Spring Gardening Checklist

Checkbox-imagePLANT COLOR

An ideal time to plant colorful, summer-blooming shrubs like spirea, hydrangea and easy-care shrub roses. We also swear by Fertilome Root Stimulator and Elements, on organic Fertilizer.


With a pot trellis, containers turn colorful vining plants like mandevilla, moonflower, black-eyed susan vine or morning glories into vertical art.


Schedule a Snapshot Gardening Consultation at the garden center to get you going in the right direction. Find out more. Perfect for DIYers and created for small spaces.


Pinch off dying/dead flowers to make room for new ones and help things along with Jack’s Petunia Feed.

Checkbox-imagePRUNE LIKE A PRO

The perfect time to prune early spring flowering trees and shrubs like lilacs (once their flowers have faded or fallen). Find the imaginary center of the shrub or tree, then visualize the general shape that builds around it. You don’t have to be perfect, just trim any wayward branches right above one or more healthy leaf buds.

Let’s grow together. Stop in, call 317.733.GROW and find what you need online.

Perennials Best Sellers

Enhance your garden with the plant that keeps on giving. Perennials form Altum's will bloom year after year adding color and vibrance to your garden. Our vibrant plant selection comes from the most talented and trusted growers in Indiana. Lush and textured, our perennials are doused in saturated color. Whether you love hellebores or coreopsis, Altum's has the perennials you are looking for. Shop our great selection of locally grown perennials.