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Late Summer Gardening Checklist


When you don’t know where to start, start with Snapshot Gardening. You’ll get face time with a garden design pro, time to review photos of your area, personalized ideas and plant recommendations and a $25 gift card to get you started.

Checkbox-imageBOOST YOUR SOIL

One of the best ways to be successful when planting this fall is to amend your soil (50% soil amendment to 50% original soil). Then seal in moisture with a fresh layer of Altum’s Hardwood Mulch.


The time is now, my friend. Perfect conditions, less watering, less stress on your plants and healthier plants come spring. Remember the root ball should be level with the soil line and the wider the hole the better—loosens the soil and gives roots room to grow. Check out the Step-by-Step Planting Guide. We have great results with Fertilome Root Stimulator, too.


If you buy bulbs now while the selection is good, then  strategically plant them (with some Dutch Bulb Food) when the ground has cooled come October, you’ll be in for a lovely spring surprise.

Checkbox-imageMAKE IT YOURS

Put together your own concoction of mums, pumpkins, pansies, ornamental grasses, seed pods, curly willow branches, cabbages and kale in containers, windowboxes or beds.

Let’s grow together. Stop in, call 317.733.GROW and find what you need online.

Pot Recycling

Give new life to plastic pots!

Being earth-friendly is nothing new at Altumʼs. But weʼve found a few more ways to do our part and make it simple for you to do the same. Next time you make the trip to Altumʼs, bring your empty plastic pots along for the ride. Simply drop them in the garden centerʼs DROP-YOUR-POTS ZONE – designed in partnership with Indianapolis Recycled Fiber – then feel the satisfaction that comes with a good deed done. Together weʼll reduce one of the biggest sources of waste in the garden industry.

Recycle Recap
We have recycled:

1312 lbs of corrugated cardboard
4960 lbs of plastic nursery pots
744 lbs of paper

That’s a total of 3.51 tons so far this year!

Get directions to our store so you can recycle your pots today!