A few quick tips to get you through June.

I want to keep this one really short, because the weather is so beautiful, and will be through the weekend. We’ve had some stifling heat and humidity lately, but the weekend is supposed to be sunny and mild, with temps in the 70s and I can’t wait to get outside.

For all you veggie and herb growers, here are a few off-the-cuff tips for your gardens, raised beds and containers:

  • Harvest early-season staples like strawberries, lettuce greens, radishes and peas as they ripen.
  • Harvest herbs before they flower, they’ll taste better.
  • Plant up warm-weather fruits and veggies like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce greens if you haven’t already.
  • Plant up warm-weather herbs like basil, chives, thyme and lavender. Planting basil near your veggies and herbs will keep the bugs away!
  • Install tomato cages around your plants before they get out of control. Ask about our new collapsible cages that fold up for easy storage later.
  • Consistently deep water your tomatoes once a week, or more often if in a smaller container, to prevent blossom end rot.
  • Keep an eye out for bugs in the garden! Let us know if you have questions, or check our Recommended Fixes page for solutions.
  • Fertilize the garden with Elements every 3 weeks during June, July and August.

We’re in the garden center if you need us. And we’re excited to be able to spend more time with you. Let us know if you have questions. Remember, you can email us, chat with us, call or stop in anytime.

Thanks for sharing your spring and summer with us.

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