Our top 6 tips on how the pros keep their greens fresh & fine, longer.

1. Empty

Empty your porch pots now before they freeze. If you’re dropping in a Grab & Go fiber pot, clean out all of the old soil. If you’ll be making your own, leave about 1/2 of the dirt inside as a base for your branches.

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2. measure

Measure your door, mantle, ceiling, stair railing or narrowest part of your pot so you know the right size wreathChristmas tree, garland or Grab & Go porch pot to buy. Buy a pot for the smallest part of your container if it narrows at the bottom.

3. store them

Store in a cold, dry place until you’re ready to display. Then semi-covered, semi-shady north-facing areas will keep your greens fresh the longest.

4. spray them

Spray with Wilt Stopan all-natural clear coating that seals in moisture and prevents needle drop. This stuff is the real deal.

5. get creative

Check out our goodie bar with natural and faux berries, seed pods, branches and more, or forage in your yard. Plus, cover the gap between your drop-ins and the container with moss or start with a simple wreath at the base then build from there.


Ask us to deliver on a convenient date. We’ll even bring a tree stand or set up your Christmas tree with the stand you have.

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