For new plants, water slowly and generously, being sure to wet the soil to the depth of the original container or root ball. All newly planted items should be thoroughly soaked at least once a week from spring until ground freezes in fall (more frequently in very hot weather).

We recommend watering by hose turned to a slow drizzle for 20-30 minutes.

Very small plants, such as groundcover, perennials, and flowering annuals have smaller root systems and will require a deep, thorough watering every 3-4 days. We also recommend an application of Root Stimulator* just after planting and weekly for six weeks, especially during warm summer months.

Generally, the watering guide for new plants should be followed for 1-2 years after planting to ensure good root development and plant establishment. Beyond that, water plants throughout drier summer months to avoid placing them under unnecessary stress.

For annuals/tropical plants planted in containers or  hanging baskets, we recommend checking daily. Be sure to check below the soil surface. A moisture meter may be helpful. Hanging baskets are particularly susceptible to drying out, and during very hot, dry or windy conditions, they may require watering twice daily, particularly if they are located near walls, walks & patios of stone, concrete or brick.

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