Things are always growing and changing, especially in this business. But there is one constant for me and the people of Altum’s and his name is Felipe Morales.

Felipe is our Supervisor of Landscape Delivery and Planting, and he has been with us at Altum’s since 2010—hard to believe we’re going on 11 years this coming spring. He is funny, friendly, hardworking, an excellent cook, a joyful person and if something is broken, Felipe can fix it. He is a true morning person (like most of us here), and loves rising early to enjoy the quiet, relax and power up for the day. He always arrives with joy for what he does.

Felipe was born and raised in Tuxtepec Oaxaca, Mexico and is the proud father of Quharen (23) and uncle to Sandro (23) and Alberto (18). He loves to cook, listen to live music and go dancing (which in 2020 is in short supply, but we’ve all gotten pretty good at making the best of things).

He also happens to be an Indiana Accredited Horticulturist and our trusted planting expert.

Felipe wants you to know he is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to plant varieties and care, and he loves it when people ask him questions. He really does! He wants everyone to love plants and growing as much as he does, so he’d love to share what he knows.

His favorite part of the job?

Turning bare ground into beautiful gardens and landscapes and reviving tired or overgrown spaces.

If pressed to have a favorite plant, it would be the Sweet Bay Magnolia for its shiny leaves with silver backs and fragrant flowers, and the Scarlet Fire Dogwood for its beautiful dark-pink spring blossoms that have some serious staying power.

If Felipe could leave you with one piece of planting advice?

Dig your hole two times as wide as the pot it is in, and plant your plants a little high (above ground level) because of our heavy clay soil. Always amend your soil and use fertilizer, because if you give your plants a good start, they will reward you in the long run.

Or you can ask him to deliver and plant for you. Tell us Felipe sent you and be sure to say hello when he arrives to work his magic.

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