Indiana weather has been crazy this year!

March brought summer like temperatures and our plants responded with blooming early and flushing out new growth.  I know in my garden things were looking great.  I live out in a rural area and for the first time since I planted my Endless Summer Hydrangea I had new growth on old wood!  Then April came and we reverted back to freeze warnings as late as yesterday!  Walking around my yard I have noticed frost/freeze damage on yews new growth, my tulip tree and my poor hydrangea.

Not to fret.

Our plants are tough and most will bounce back as our temperatures rise.  Help them out with another dose of all purpose fertilizer like 10-10-10 to help it push new growth and you can cut off any black or brown.  Make sure you have a good layer of mulch to insulate the roots and keep the soil temperature warm.


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