How and why a slow spring reminds us to take our time

April 11, 2022
By Dana Altum


I watched it rain today as I sipped my coffee and nibbled biscotti. I was distracted and impatient that the weather had not caught up with my expectations and my mind was a blur. Easter is Sunday, when will it be warm enough to order hanging baskets from the growers and why is Mother’s Day so early this year?

I have never been a patient person. Rushing here and there, never closing the door completely, screwing the lid on all the way or finishing my sentences. I live my life at the speed of light. But I came across a quote today from Emerson that stayed with me: ‘Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.’

I saw it as a sign. 

Nature’s secret is patience

I get it. We’ve all been conditioned to have more, be more and do more, faster. But what are we sacrificing in our rush? Maybe it’s quality, money, connection or satisfaction. Sometimes that’s ok. Other times, we’re missing the really good stuff, like relationships, quiet time, tiny but meaningful improvements and hope.

So instead of rushing, how about progress over perfection? Here’s what we’re planning, looking forward to and savoring for spring, summer and beyond. We hope you will, too.

1) All of the people you know and trust are back.

I’m so proud and grateful that our entire team of friendly experts is back to serve you. We’ll always do our best for you.

2) Everything is outside, in a rustic and refined country setting.

Yes, our Open Air Market at Finley Creek is still outdoors until we have permission to begin building. Instead of being impatient, we’re embracing the timeframe to its fullest. The fresh air feels good, the plants love it and we’ve installed some umbrellas and sheltered spots.

We think you’ll love the farmer’s stand vibe. Everything is fresh, the setting is intimate and laid back, and it feels a world away from the busiest area of Michigan Rd.

3) If it’s raining or chilly, place your order online for curbside pick-up. Or we’ll deliver.

Find exactly what you want and pay online. Or call ahead to have us set something aside, then pop in to get your goodies or choose curbside pick-up. You can even schedule a delivery.

4) We have new lightweight wagons and carts.

We know how important this is to many people, so we’ve created smoother pathways and added lightweight carts that are even easier to load up and maneuver.

5) Checkout is fast and easy and we’ll load up your car.

We can swipe your card right where you shop. And please ask us if you’d like help bringing your goodies to your car and loading up.

6) We restock daily.

We have fresh cold-hardy shipments arriving and being unloaded daily in spring. And our designers are always planting up seasonal combos in fiber pots, ready to drop into your containers.

7) We only carry tried and true plants that do well in Indiana soil.

It’s our responsibility to know what does best in our soil and to give you ideas, practical advice, quality fertilizers and amendments. We use these plants in our own gardens and landscapes and have valuable experience on the right plants for the right places.

8) We’d be happy to pre-order something special.

We’re offering more opportunities to pre-order seasonal plants to get exactly what you want when you’re ready. We can also help you plan ahead for large orders.


Order online anytime. Choose curbside pick-up or delivery and planting services. We’ll also come to you for services like the DIY Snapshot Service with me (Dana Altum!), At-Home Yard & Garden Consults, and At-Home Doorstep Consults. What else can we do for you?

10) plants make everything better.

You’ll feel it when you visit Altum’s at Finley Creek, we promise.

You can find Altum’s at 795 US-421 (Michigan Rd). When you pass the Fire Department on your left, look right to see the Altum’s sign and entrance. We can’t wait to see you!


Have questions?

Stop in, email us, chat with us, call, hop online 24/7 to shop and find answers anytime.


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