Have you noticed lately that getting a little fresh air can clear your head? Us, too. We’ve been focusing on some positive inevitables–while acknowledging the health and safety of people we care about at home, in the garden center and in our wider communities.

Spring is coming, no matter what.
Days are getting longer, with more daylight and sunshine.
The grass is greening up.
Buds are visible and we know what’s in store.
We’ll be in our yards to enjoy the fresh air.

So, with this in mind, we’ve organized around what we can do to make things better and more beautiful for everyone:

Call, email or chat with us online anytime.

Ask us about planting up containers, what Grab & Go Porch Pots we have made up, how to care for pansies, when and how to prune, what fertilizer you should be using now, what to do with that spot in your lawn and more. Now’s a good time to walk your yard and take stock of things.

Free Personal Shopper Service –

Fill out the order form or call in to specify plants, colors, ideal shape and size. We’ll gather the freshest, best-of-the-best, send you an e-invoice and you can use curbside pick-up or choose delivery.

Order and pay online at altums.com.

Curbside Pick-up. 

Call when you’re here and we’ll load your car.

We deliver. And plant.

Check out details here.

Check mulch off your list:

You can be productive from your couch, kitchen table or home office by ordering and paying for mulch online and we’ll deliver. Save $40 when you order 5+ yards. Use promo code MULCH40.

Cheer someone up with a plant, porch pot or gift card delivered to their porch or inbox.

We’ll take care of everything with your peace of mind as top priority.

We are open for fresh-air shopping and individual planting stations at the potting bar, plenty of gloves and space, plus we’ll load your car with care.

Workshops, Private Events + Photo Sessions are postponed until further notice.

Some things never change. There is beauty everywhere and we are here to help you create your own. Now go get some fresh air and call us in the morning.

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