4″ Houseplant

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This round-up of minis is just too good. All of our favorite house and summer patio plants in portable, decorator-friendly sizes. We also love these on WFH desktops. By the way, we keep ours looking glossy and gorgeous with a little Jack’s Houseplant Special about once every two weeks when watering. You’ll notice the difference.

Fiddle: Adulting can be hard, but having a fiddle leaf fig is a rite of passage we can get behind. The fiddle is unmistakably handsome, a decorator’s dream and a way to add interest to any room. Yours will link a consistent temp, so keep it clear of air vents and too much intense light or heat. We like to take our little figs to the sink or tub for a soak about once a week or so, allowing them to drain and dry before watering again.

ZZ Plant: We like to joke that you can take care of this plant in your sleep (zzzz). It can take months (yes, months!) without watering, but will grow faster when it’s watered a bit more regularly. ZZ’s stems look a little like wands, with artsy feathers that are eternally glossy and optimistic. Your ZZ will grow best in bright to moderate indirect light, but will also do fine in extremely low light. Even without a window.

Swiss Cheese Monstera: You’ve probably seen XL Monstera leaves perched in vases on home design blogs and Instagram. They’re big and exotic, with distinctively deep splits or holes in their glossy leaves. Monstera Adansonii, or Little Swiss, is the slightly smaller-leafed version, with all of the great graphic charm. Give yours bright, indirect light and possibly a stake or trellis to climb for best results.

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