Spring Combo Baskets

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sun/part sun loving

10” spring combo baskets



You can pick up hanging baskets at the hardware, grocery and super stores. Which is nice. But convenience can breed sameness and we’re just not big fans of being exactly like everyone else. If you see where we’re coming from, you’ll love these perky, hand-planted baskets, overflowing with full, healthy combinations of Cool Wave pansies, million bells, petunias, lobelia and more. They’re perfect for hanging or dropping right into your containers.

Hint: Baskets dry out faster than plants in the ground. So, check yours every day and water when they are dry to the touch, adding Jack’s Petunia FeEd once every week or two to help yours thrive. On very hot days, you may even want to water more than once. Trust us, it will be worth it.

  1. Kailey Martin

    These are simply gorgeous!

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