At-Home Porch and Patio Consultation


The At-Home Porch and Patio Consultation was created to pack a lot of answers and ideas into one hour. And what better way to do that than to have a plant and design specialist come to you!


  • An hour of one-on-one with a design expert.
  • We will meet you on your porch or patio.
  • For DIY-ers looking for a set of fresh eyes + added inspiration.
  • Perfect for:
    • Adding color, texture and charm to your outdoor spaces
    • Simple placement, layering and design pointers
    • Seasonal suggestions
    • Clever ways to transition from season to season
    • Finding plants that will do well in your space (e.g. full sun, full shade, etc.)
  • Snap photos and email ahead of your appointment, along with dimensions
  • Available for customers in Carmel, Zionsville and Westfield areas
  • Cost: $150

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