Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac


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3 gallon container

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Plant Details
  • Plant Height Height: 4 - 6 ft
  • Plant Width Width: 4 - 6 ft
  • Plant Spacing Spacing: 4 ft
  • Plant Exposure Exposure: Full Sun
  • Plant Bloom Time Bloom Time: Mid to Late Spring then again Mid to Late Summer
  • Plant Deciduous Evergreen/Deciduous: Deciduous
  • Plant Availability Availability: April - September

Don’t settle for lilacs that bloom just once a year

Remember the dark purple, weighty lilacs you used to clip at Grandma’s and take home with stems wrapped in tinfoil? These are the lilacs you remember! Bloomerang® lilacs grow on a handsome, rounded shrub with very large, dark purple buds emerging mid to late spring. You’ll recognize the deep purple-lilac color when they open and will love the sweet scent in the air for weeks. We can smell ours indoors when the windows are open!

Bloomerang takes a short rest, then blooms again in mid to late summer, continuing through the first frost. They’ve also been bred for exceptional disease resistance, are sun-loving and deer resistant.

Plant with space for a well-rounded shrub of about 4-6ft tall and wide.

Attracts: butterflies. Resists: deer. Reblooming. Fragrant.

Soil: Average to medium well-drained soil. We recommend Altum’s Soil Amendment and Organic Plant Magic soil additive to improve planting areas.
Pruning: no pruning is necessary. If pruning is desired, do so immediately after spring bloom. Never cut it back in fall, winter, or early spring – doing so will remove the spring flower buds. It is not necessary to prune Bloomerang lilac in order for it to rebloom. However, giving it a light trim after blooming does remove the developing seed heads (they look like green bananas, and some people don’t care for the way they look on the plant), providing a neater look, and encourages more new growth for reblooming. Trimming after blooming will delay the rebloom by a few weeks compared to an untrimmed Bloomerang lilac.
Fertilizer: Fertilize in early spring and again in late spring (after first bloom) with Organic Plant Magic soil additive.

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