Let’s Dance Blue Jangles Hydrangea


3 gal container

Please allow 10-14 business days to arrive.

REBLOOMS + won’t wilt in the sun

Let’s Dance is a rebloomer, so it blooms early and well into summer with full mophead flowers that won’t wilt in the sun. Plus, blooms grow on both old and new wood, which makes Blue Jangles an easy-care choice. The blooms are made up of clustered florets with a pinkish hue in alkaline soil, and bluish in acidic conditions soil. In our clay soil, we recommend amending with a bit of Fertilome Aluminum Sulphate to keep yours blue.

Blue Jangles’ tight, compact habit (2-3ft) means little to no pruning and does best in part sun. We give ours a dose of Elements in spring and fall to encourage blooms and help them live their best life.

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