Boston Fern Hanging Basket

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10″ hanging basket


There really is nothing like a fern to finish off a container in one fell swoop, is there? These hanging basket ferns are fresh off the truck and when you pick yours up, you’ll realize exactly how full these beauties really are. With all the spring rain in the forecast, you’ll have an easy time growing on your porch or patio (you’ll want to keep the soil evenly moist), as long as yours are not exposed to full sun–a little morning or dappled light is right up the fern’s alley. We also love ours nestled in shaded window boxes, too.

Your ferns will stay looking like a million bucks with Jack’s All-Purpose Bloom Booster. It’s what we use at the garden center and at home.

  1. Allison Manwell (verified owner)

    Extremely Satisfied

  2. Amy Sawyer (verified owner)

    This hanging basket is huge!! So lovely on my covered patio.

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