Bubble Bath Porch Pot


12″ fiber container

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This porch pot was the brainchild of one of our designers who thought whimsical Bubble Bath Alliums would be perfect for the over-worked moms among us. Alliums happen to be perennials, so these pastel lavender globes floating above lovely blue-green foliage can be planted in the landscape after the season and will return year after year. They also happen to be incredibly low-maintenance (just what moms love to hear), drought tolerant and unappetizing to hungry rabbits and deer.

Your pot comes with a gorgeous mix of alliums, euphorbia, lobularia and fragrant heliotrope that will thrive in full to part sun.

All this goodness is hand-planted by our designers with premium soil, Organic Plant Magic and in natural fiber pots that can be dropped right into your containers. We also deliver with Porch Pot care instructions, and you can always call us at (317) 733-4769 or email with any questions. 

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