Candy Swirl & Dot Planters

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Candy can cheer us up faster than you can say chewy sweethearts. Which is why we were attracted to the sugar rush of these candy-colored containers in glazed dot and swirl patterns. We’ve paired them with a variety of fun plants, and here’s a bit on how to care for each:

The Spider Plant A highly adaptable (like us) houseplant that is very easy to grow. Water yours well (without getting too soggy) and give it bright, indirect light to watch it flourish.

Pilea The Chinese money plant, pancake plant, friendship plant or simply one of the cutest, most playful plants we’ve seen. Allow yours to dry out before watering and give it dappled sunlight. And consider porch-gifting to a friend.

Polka Dot The freckle-face plant (cute, right?) has dotted foliage that we think pairs especially well with the dot-patterned planter. Give your Polka Dot indirect sunlight so it doesn’t get leggy (you can always trim them back) and keep it moist.

Button Fern Our favorite fern that’s cute as a button (ahem). The small, round leaflets are really fun, especially in our dot planters. Contrary to everything you might know about ferns, these guys like to their soil dry to the touch before watering.

Kalanchoe These happy plants bloom in response to daylight, so let there be bright, sunny locations. Careful with the water, especially in winter (scale back a bit). Kalanchoe is a succulent and its soil can definitely be dry to the touch before watering.

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