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6 1/2″ container

Plant Details
  • Plant Height Height: 3 - 5 ft
  • Plant Width Width: 2 - 4 ft
  • Plant Spacing Spacing: 2 ft
  • Plant Exposure Exposure: Full Sun
  • Plant Bloom Time Bloom Time: summer
  • Plant Deciduous Evergreen/Deciduous: tropical
  • Plant Availability Availability: May - June

Cannas are tropical flowering plants with large, banana-like leaves. Cannas have showy flowers and variegated leaves that look like stained glass when the sun shines through them. Striking flowers notwithstanding, cannas are often grown for their foliage alone. The large, paddle-like leaves come in a range of greens, blue-greens, and bronze, and can have variegation and stripes.


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