Classic Round Planter

From: $55.00


the CLASSIC Look

Versatile and very comfortable giving your plants all the attention, this Classic Round looks perfect as it flanks your front door, lines your porch steps or marks the space between multiple garage bays. They also happen to be lightweight, very durable in the elements (frost proof and UV-resistant) and eco-friendly, made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials.

If you’re unsure how to plant them up for each season, consider our pre-planted, seasonal Grab & Go porch pots in the garden center, our Grab & Go Porch Pot Membership or custom Grab & Go pots, all designer-planted fiber pots ready to drop right into your containers.

Choose from a variety of sizes: 

Small: 12.25×12.25×9″
Medium: 16.25×16.25×11.75″
Large: 21.5×21.5×15.25″

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