Cranberry Crush Hibiscus


not taking orders until 2021


Yes, the hibiscus is one of the last perennials to bloom come spring. But believe us when we tell you, it is worth the wait. Plus, that gives you a little extra time to pinch back the 6-10 inch shoots by half and just above a set of leaves. This will give you a really full and bushy Hibiscus. One of the really fascinating things about indeterminate bloomers like Cranberry Crush, is that flowers are produced all along the stems instead of just at the top.

Your Cranberry Crush buds begin nearly black in midsummer, then open to a gorgeous glossy, scarlet-red, with doubled layers of overlapping petals through early fall. Give yours plenty of sun and water for large blooms and lush foliage. We like to give ours a boost with Jack’s Bloom Booster every other week through it’s active growing season.

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