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full-sun super bloomers

For people who love to spend a lot of time in a beautiful yard, but who don’t like to spend a lot of time working in their beautiful yard, daylilies are your easy-to-grow perennial ticket. Each stem has multiple buds that seem to continually bloom in succession. And daylilies thrive in full sun when many other plants would wilt under pressure.

Yours will look their best when spent blooms are removed every so often, and they are given a dose of Elements in the spring/early summer and again in fall. Adding fertilizer will give you strong growth, bigger bloom size and added winter protection.

available varieties:

Happy Returns: Buttery yellow flowers seem to return endlessly with non-stop blooms from May to frost. Cheery, fragrant, 3″ flowers that thrive in full to part sun all summer.

Pardon Me: These fragrant daylillies form dense clumps and repeat-blooming, vibrant red flowers with yellow centers. Yours will do best in full to part sun and will bloom in spring and fall.

Purple d’Oro: One of the most popular reblooming daylilies with up to 25 ruffle-edged buds! Nicely branched and profuse bloomer with plumed purple flowers and golden throats atop signature daylily arching, blade-like leaves.

Stella d’Oro: The poster child of the daylily, Stella (the ‘star of gold’) is an early bloom and rebloomer from May to July with golden-yellow, fragrant flowers. Yours will bloom best in full soon (but will tolerate shade) and is very drought-tolerant.

Going Bananas: Lightly fragrant and lemon (or banana!) yellow flowers with gently ruffled edges. Called indefatigable in the blooming/reblooming department with a bud count of up to 12 per branch.



Passionate Returns: These rosy-red/pink, ruffled flowers have a clean yellow halo and lime green throat for a dazzling color combination. These rebloomers are shorter in stature, which makes them perfect at the front of a border or in containers.

Red Hot Returns: An everblooming daylily with brilliant cherry-red ruffles, yellow halo and apple green throat. Blooms all through summer and well into fall. We love how they bloom at the top of the foliage, looking like a constant garden bouquet.

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