Doorstep Stack Kit

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colors and sizes may vary

fall porch survival kit

We’re making it easy to outfit your porch this fall. Instead of trying to piece together a plan for your porch, simply grab your Kit of choice and get decorating! New this year, we’re pairing individual fall plants and pumpkins to appeal to different aesthetics: an earthy Harvest Kit and the ever-popular Modern Farmhouse in classic whites and blues.

Harvest Kit- SOLD OUT

(1) – corn stalk bundle
(1) – 8” harvest-colored mum
(1) – 8” cabbage
(1) – coordinating cinderella stack

modern Farmhouse Kit

(1) – corn stalk bundle
(1) – white 8” mum
(1) – blue 8” cabbage
(1) – coordinating cinderella stack

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