Dracaena – 4-5ft


4-5′ plant in a 10″ pot

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So, NASA includes Dracaena, otherwise known as Dracaena Janet Craig ‘Lisa’ (let’s say Lisa and keep it simple) as one of its Top 10 Clean Air Plants. So save the green juice and charcoal for another time. Add a long, tall Lisa to your indoor vibe and it will clean the air while it leads a statuesque, stylish and virtually indestructible life.

Get this: Lisa grows in low light (slowly, but still), you can err on the side of not watering (check out our moisture meters for the kind of cheating that’s completely acceptable) and she actually grows better when she’s root-bound in a small pot (what!?).

LIGHT: Low to medium light (north or east facing rooms) but willing to adapt to brighter spots
WATER: likes to dry out between waterings (7-10 days)
FERTILIZER: Use Jack’s Houseplant Food March – August
TEMPERATURE: between 65-75 degrees – away from drafts
INSIDER TIP: Easy, low maintenance plant – will adapt to just about any light except direct

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