Earth Talon D-Grip Shovel


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Ideal for planting trees and shrubs. D-ring rubber grip, crazy-strong fiberglass shaft, wider foot step, sharp steel blade…come together to make you super-human in the yard and garden.

Made for compacted rocky soils and hard clay the Standard Series D-Ring Fiberglass Shovel (Regular B), focuses its energy at the point to make digging easier. The reinforced ribs make it perfect for rigorous use. It is made out of a fiberglass shaft that can resist to a pressure of 225 lbs, a D-ring rubber grip handle, wider foot step for better foot support and a redesigned 2 mm steel blade that goes 25% deeper than a regular shovel.

Weight: 4.5lbs
Total Length: 41.3″
Embossed Blade
Sharpened Blade
Blade thickness: 2mm
Rubber grip
Wider footsteps
5-year warranty

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