Eugenia Topiary

From: $37.00

2 Ball in 10″ pot, 44 – 48″ tall
3 Ball in 10″ pot, 48 – 50″ tall
2 Ball in 6″ pot, 24 -30″ tall


Topiaries might be fancy, but they’re not forced or fussy. Flank a formal entry with one on each side, in regal, elegant containers and a monochromatic mood. Or have some fun and plant them up in eclectic pots with funky ivy or colorful Calibrachoa or Petunias at their base. You can even overwinter or grow them full-time indoors, as long as they’re given plenty of light.

Eugenia is a slow grower, so you won’t wake up one day wondering where to begin pruning. Just clip as needed to keep her shape

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