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‘Exclamation’ London Planetree


15gal / 8-10 ‘ tall

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: we want to get you the best tree in the least amount of time. Online inventory is updated regularly, but there may be times we need to wait on a fresh shipment. We will keep you posted for pick-ups, and contact you re: next available delivery and planting dates.

Plant Details
  • Plant Height Height: 40 - 50 ft
  • Plant Width Width: 20 - 30 ft
  • Plant Spacing Spacing: 20 ft
  • Plant Exposure Exposure: Full Sun
  • Plant Deciduous Evergreen/Deciduous: Deciduous
  • Plant Availability Availability: April - October


Big is definitely beautiful when it comes to the London Planetree. Growing in excess of 50 feet tall (make sure you plant for its mature height), it was popular in London more than 350 years ago for its tolerance to urban pollution. So we know it’s resilient and has presence, but as it matures, it also reveals a beautiful secret: it’s brown bark exfoliates to reveal a creamy white layer of bark that’s even noticeable from a distance.

Yours will do best in full sun and moist, humusy soil. Plus, ‘Exclamation’ was developed in the 1990s to resist the original Planetree’s occasional fungal disease, frost-cracking and other ailments.

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