Fiddleleaf Fig

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this little figgy came home

Adulting can be hard, but having a fiddle leaf fig is a rite of passage we can get behind. The fiddle is unmistakably handsome, a decorator’s dream and a way to add natural height to a room. This is a milestone gift you won’t regret and they won’t forget.

4′ potted plant in 10″ pot

LIGHT: medium consistent light (east facing rooms)
WATER: water consistently by giving a good soak in the bath, shower or sink. Let dry out until next time.
FERTILIZER: Use Jack’s Houseplant Food March – August
INSIDER TIP: Water with the same amount of water each watering, rule of thumb, 2 cups per 4 ft of plant every 7 days.

  1. Luisa Macer (verified owner)

    Extremely Satisfied

  2. Lauren Schaler (verified owner)

    The staff was very helpful with my fiddle leaf fig tree by wrapping it up in paper to shield it from the cold.

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