Fiddleleaf Fig Bush


4′ potted plant
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this little figgy came home

Adulting can be hard, but having a fiddle leaf fig is a rite of passage we can get behind. The fiddle is unmistakably handsome, a decorator’s dream and a way to add natural height to a room. And the more diminutive Fiddle Bush has the added benefit of being a bit more portable and flexible when it comes to real estate.

LIGHT: medium consistent light (east facing rooms)
WATER: water consistently by giving a good soak in the bath, shower or sink. Let dry out until next time.
FERTILIZER: Use Jack’s Houseplant Food March – August
INSIDER TIP: Water with the same amount of water each watering, rule of thumb, 2 cups per 4 ft of plant every 7 days.

4- 5′ potted plant in 12″ pot

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