Fishbone Cactus

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2.5″ pot (pottery sold separately)

otherwise known as ric rac

How fun is the Fishbone? The serrated pattern along the central spine of this succulent gives it a really playful zig zag feel, and it’s just as carefree when it comes to helping yours thrive. Rated as beginner-friendly, the Fishbone just needs some filtered light and you can treat it like any other cactus–basically ignore it between infrequent waterings (you’ll want to let it dry out in between, and cut watering in half in winter, so many once a month give it a little soak). Makes a fun dorm or desk gift in a container of choice.

  1. Anna Kramer (verified owner)

    I placed a small order online for houseplants and my items were ready within an hour! When I arrived to pick up the plants, Altum’s had signs clearly posted with instructions on what to do and an employee quickly brought out my order and placed it in my trunk. The whole process took less than 2 minutes. Thank you Altum’s for making this so easy and safe. Plants truly do make everything better!

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