Groundcover Flat

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32 plants per flat


Groundcover is like The Fixer on a crime show. The person who comes in and smooths things over, turns a not-so-ideal situation into one that passes for respectable (and better) and the one who orchestrates the cover up. Wow, we were really committed to this comparison.

But seriously, groundcover is a hero in spaces that are uneven and hard to mow, really shady and inhospitable to turf grass, intensely hot and dry where nothing else grows without an awful lot of maintenance, high-traffic along pathways or between pavers, and even a good choice to choke out weeds. They come in shade-loving and heat/sun-loving varieties, with plenty of options for adding color, texture and interest.


Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’
Very cute ajuga with miniature rounded leaves and flowers that attract hummingbirds. Excellent for small spaces, at garden’s edge or in rock gardens.

Vinca Minor ‘Dart’s Blue’ 
Also known and loved as Periwinkle, Dart’s Blue spreads vigorously and holds up well to foot traffic along pathways or between pavers. Yours will do best in shade to part sun (especially morning sun) and has delightful tiny but full foliage and pretty pinwheel blooms in bluish purple with staying power through April, May and June.

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