Haas Halo Hydrangea


3 gallon container


This beautiful native lace-cap hydrangea attracts all varieties of pollinators June through October. Lovely as a specimen and downright dreamy when planted en masse along a woods edge or the east foundation of your house. White blossoms with dark green foliage. High nectar content for pollinators. Blooms midsummer to fall.

Height + width: 3-5′
Light: Part sun to part shade. Morning sun, afternoon shade is best.
Soil: Average to medium well-drained soil. We recommend Altum’s Soil Amendment soil additive to improve planting areas.
Pruning: Blooms on new wood; prune back by one-half in early spring.
Water: Highly drought tolerant after first year. Water 2-3 times weekly until established.
Fertilizer: Fertilize once in early spring with Elements.

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