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Holiday Delivery Package

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It’s always kind of a production getting the tree on the roof of your car, isn’t it? Hop back in your toasty car and let us handle the loading and unloading. We’ll deliver your fresh-cut tree right to your door.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas with our most popular, peace-keeping delivery package. Includes a fresh cut on your tree, delivery and set-up in your home and tree preservative. Ahhhh, peace on earth…and under your roof.*

THE WORKS / $257

As close as you’re gonna get to being a kid on Christmas: all of the fun, with none of the work! Your tree will be treated to a fresh cut, delivery and set up in your home and tree preservative. Then after the holidays, we’ll be back for your scheduled tree removal. An added bonus? Every tree Altum’s collects is recycled to create ground cover, mulch or compost.*

* Please make sure you clear your entryway and chosen location for your tree of any loose rugs and furniture before we arrive. If we are going to set up your tree for you, please check that your tree stand is in working order or let us know if you’d like to purchase one–we can deliver with your tree. 

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