It’s All About the Foliage Porch Pot

From: $127.00

14″ x 7″ tin
12″ fiber pot
16″ tall fiber pot

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Filled with textural houseplant foliage that says ‘I know true style doesn’t have to scream.’ Includes combinations of burgundy rubber plant, rex begonia, birds nest fern, pathos, sunpatiens, tradescantia, wire vine, cordyline, Eugenia and even some striking fantail willow branches. Yours will do best in morning sun or indirect sun (covered patio or porch). When fall gets here, transition indoors and enjoy throughout the winter. For more on transitioning your houseplants in/outdoors, check this out.

All this goodness is hand-planted by our designers with premium soil, Organic Plant Magic and in natural fiber pots that can be dropped right into your containers. We also deliver with Porch Pot care instructions, and you can always call us at (317) 733-4769 or email with any questions. 

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