Jane Magnolia

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5-6 ft tall


Part of the ‘Little Girl’ series, Jane is no joke. Don’t underestimate this cold-hardy, easy-to-grow magnolia that thrives in Indiana, despite magnolias having roots in the South. We love Jane for so many reasons, but we’ll begin with the fact that she blooms later than most, so her summer/even-fall blooms are a sight for sore eyes.

Her blooms are a deep-purplish red with a white center and her leaves are a leathery dark green that turn golden in fall. Consider Jane for prime real estate in your yard.


Prune in late summer/early fall after blooms are spent.


Apply 10-10-10 fertilizer in March/April and in October/November. Also a fall application of Elements will enhance flowering.

EXPOSURE: Plant in full sun to light shade.
HEIGHT: 10′ – 15′
SPACING: 8′ – 10′

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