Joe Pye Weed


2 gallon


Yes, ‘weed’ is in the name. No, this isn’t a thorny intruder. Rather, Joe Pye Weed is a tall and stately native plant whose purplish-pink clustered flowers resemble clouds of color. Since it’s native, Joe Pye is pretty adaptable, but prefers moist/wet soil and does best in full sun. Make sure you have the space to devote to Joe, because he will spread slightly 2-8ft and can grow upwards of 3-8ft. We love ours as part of a diverse landscape alongside ornamental grasses and Russian sage, or next to an arbor, as a tall outer row to layers of perennials or at the corner of your house or shed.

If you have the space, you won’t regret adding this showy character to your landscape. And neither will the butterflies, who love its sweet vanilla scent. Deadhead if you’d like to keep his size in check, or divide and share.

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