Kalanchoe in Heart Planter


Assorted Pinks (colors may vary) Kalanchoe in Heart 5″ Pot

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Kalanchoe come in a variety of colors, but we’re carrying pink this time of year because we think they’re so pretty and lively in the middle of winter. They also happen to have an upswept petal formation that is really whimsical and charming. And one more thing, their foliage is heart-shaped, which is never bad in our opinion. Plus, all of this goodness comes in a rustic pot with a white-washed heart, how sweet.

Yours does not like to get too hot, so keep it in a cooler spot (70 or under and away from afternoon sun and heating vents) and it will bloom longer. Snip dead flower stalks and prepare to let yours go dormant come summer when it will begin to drop leaves and stop blooming. Just place in a cool, dark spot for a few months in summer (no need to water much at all…so that’s an upside), then bring yours back out come fall, for a whole new growing and blooming season.

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