Kokedama Workshop

October 8, 2019 / 11:00am


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Kokedama is a Japanese word that means ‘moss ball.’ The planting practice has its origins in Japan and is a combination of nearai (meaning ‘no pot’) bonsai and kusamono (‘grass thing’ or when a planting is displayed as the center of attention) planting styles. The result is a modern, natural and beautiful planting that can be displayed on a rustic base, nestled in a clear container or artfully hung.

We’ll begin with a special bonsai soil that uses peat moss to retain moisture, then walk you through how to form your ball, choose and plant your small specimen plant (you’ll have many to choose from) and cover with soft green moss. We finish by wrapping the moss ball with twine or string and cover how to care for your Kokedama (hint: it’s easy!).

We love Kokedama as a unique gift.

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