Let’s Dance Big Band Hydrangea


Large “mop-head” blossoms adorn this small shrub in the Let’s Dance hydrangea series. Color is naturally pink but change to a rich blue-violet when you add Aluminum Sulfate annually.

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Pink blossoms in Indiana soil. Dark green foliage. To achieve blue-violet color, add Aluminum Sulfate. Flower heads dry out on the stem for fall and winter interest.


Bloom time: Midsummer
Height x width:
2.5′ x 2.5′
Light: Part sun to part shade
Soil: Evenly moist but well-drained soils are best. A 2-3″ layer of shredded bark mulch is recommended in all areas, all year round. We recommend Altums Soil Amendment and Elements soil additive to improve planting areas.
Pruning: Blooms on old and new wood; do not trim or cut back, but dead wood may be removed.
Water: Average to high water needs. Though big leaf hydrangeas cannot grow in wet soils, they can become drought stressed easily and should be watered regularly. Water 2-3 times weekly until established.
Fertilizer: Fertilize once in early spring with a Rose Fertilizer or Elements soil additive.

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