Liatris Kobold Original

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Hands down one of the most entertaining of blooms, flowering from top to bottom over several weeks, giving us rosy-lavender wands of fluff atop finely textured grassy foliage. Kobold Original is also a mini of Liatris specter Kobold, growing to just 14″ tall for a bit more versatility (spicata can grow up 30″ tall).

Kobold Original is very hardy and tolerates heat, cold, drought and poor soil, and is virtually disease-free. We love ours as fresh-cut flowers, too.

  1. Kristen Steinbrook (verified owner)

    I was just browsing for a nursery nearby and discovered two plants I had been wanting at Altum’s. Very happy with these. The blazing star is beautiful and the bees are loving it!

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